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Overhead Shield Wire

Guy Wire & Messenger Wire

AS Solid Wire



Characteristics of Wire

Aluminum-clad Steel Wire possesses the following characteristics and capabilities:

  • Wider variety of properties and size of steel wire, thickness of aluminum cladding, and quality of aluminum (cross sectional area ratio of the aluminum in AS wire covers approximately 13% to 85% while that designated in ASTM B415-92 is fixed at 25%)
  • Wider range of combinations of tensile strength and conductivity
  • High corrosion resistance due to thick EC-grade aluminum covering
  • Sufficiently strong bonding strength at the boundary between aluminum layer and steel core
  • Lighter in weight than galvanized and aluminized steel wire
  • Excellent thermal stability for continuous operation in high temperature
  • Availability of wider variety of products:
    • AS wires of complex cross section
    • AS wires of approximately 1.2 mm to 10 mm in diameter
    • Mild AS wires with tensile strength of approximately 50 to 70 kg/square mm suitable for net fence
    • Green-coated AS wires especially suitable for net fence with regard to harmonization with nature and background
    • Barbed AS wire

Table of Characteristics

Overhead Shield Wire (Ground Wire)

Guy Wire and Messenger Wire

AS Solid Wire