Conex Cable

We started production of Aluminum-clad Steel (AS) wire in 1988 using the continuous extrusion process developed in 1956. The original headquarters and plant facilities were in the San Francisco Bay area. During the 1990’s, the company operated either as a joint venture or as a subsidiary of Hitachi LTD. Conex Cable, LLC continues the use of technology from Hitachi Cable in the production of AS wire.

In 2004, under new private 100% U.S. ownership, the headquarters and plant facilities were moved to a new facility in DeKalb, IL.

In 2015, Conex Cable, LLC completed a $3,500,000 expansion to our manufacturing facility in DeKalb. The expansion included the installation of a continuous process to produce Galvanized Steel wire. This expansion allowed for the production of both Class A Galvanized Steel and our brand CONZINAL, 95% zinc/5% aluminum plus mischmetal.

Conex Cable, LLC is now the only domestic company manufacturing both Aluminum-clad Steel (AS) wire and Galvanized Steel wire, both Class A and CONZINAL. Conex is cladding or galvanizing, drawing, and stranding all their product 100% in-house.