AS Wire
Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire


Product Description

Concentric-lay-stranded conductors made from round Aluminum 1350-H19 with an aluminum-clad steel core, either AW2 (normal strength) or AW3 (high strength).


Primarily used as the phase conductor for overhead transmission and distribution. It is preferred over conventional ACSR because of its higher corrosion resistance, lighter weight, longer service life, and reduced power loss. The corrosion resistant aluminum-cladding of the steel core makes this product preferred in coastal environments or areas that are prone to pollution.


ASTM B502 – Round, single end, Aluminum-clad Steel core wire used in the manufacture of AS/AC (AWAC) and ACSR/AS (AW) cables. Two tensile strengths available, AW2 (Normal Strength) and AW3 (High Strength); ASTM B230 – This specification covers aluminum 1350-H19 (extra hard) round wire for electrical purposes; ASTM B549 – This specification covers concentric-lay-stranded conductors made from round aluminum 1350-H19 (extra hard) aluminum wires and round aluminum-clad steel core wires for use as overhead electrical conductors.

Product Data