GS Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire

Conzinal (CONEX Zinc Aluminum) 95% Zinc/5% Aluminum Plus Mischmetal

Product Description

Concentric-lay stranded conductors made of 95% Zinc/5% Aluminum plus Mischmetal coated steel wires.


Commonly used for overhead ground/shield wire, guys and messengers, and for steel core in ACSR conductors.


ASTM A925 – This specification covers High-Strength, Extra High-Strength, and Utilities grades of concentric lay steel wire strand specifically intended for use as overhead ground/shield wires for transmission lines. ASTM A855/A855M – This specification covers the five grades of class A, 95% Zinc/5% Aluminum plus Michmetal (Zn-5 Al-MM) coated steel wire strand. The five grades are Utilities, Common, Siemens-Martin, High-Strength, and Extra High-Strength and are suitable for use as guy and messenger wires. ASTM B802/ B802M, B803/B803M, B958/B958M – These specifications cover the round, 95% Zinc/5% Aluminum plus Mischmetal alloy coated steel core wire used for the reinforcement of Aluminum and Aluminum-alloy conductors, steel reinforced.

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